Just Another Number


When another birthday rolls around how do you celebrate the new age?

Drinks at a bar?

Lavish Party?

Special Family dinner?

or a trip out-of-town for the weekend?

No matter how the day is spent its special because it was the day I was brought into the world and not only do I rejoice for that but, my love ones around me do the same.


It’s interesting to think that one person can impact several lives through little acts of kindness. Such as saying hello, opening the door and paying it forward. We take for granted how much we all have an impact on the lives of people around us. I’ve learned a lot for only being twenty-two, If there is one thing I can apply to everyday life its the little acts of kindness. I constantly give a simple smile because smiling at a stranger can enlighten their mood or a tinny conversation can change a persons day around.


So ladies and gentlemen when that special day comes around you rock it with a fierce look and keep moving forward because it’s just another number.



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