No Winter Can Last Forever

I’ve never had to go far to find snow up in the mountains in Washington. The higher the elevation the deep the snow becomes, growing from my feet to my knee’s.


The climb is the most challenging part but, once I hit the top It was the view that took my every breath away. Mother Nature never fails to surprise me with her endless beauty during each season .


What Is It about a large wall of snow that makes us so curious? Is It because we can’t see whats over the other side or Is It the thrill of the journey of figuring out for ourselves?


No matter how far I fall It’s important to remember to get up and keep climbing even If I fall hard laughing on my butt.


My favorite part about being In the snow Is attempting to win a snowball fight I won’t let my enemy win no matter how many times I fall, slip or miss the target. I’m a snow bunny   trying to make the most out of winter even though No winter last forever.


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