Doughnuts The Perfect Treat!

When in doubt doughnut out!


Whats not to love about a fresh hot Krispy Kreme doughnut straight out of the oven? That first bite has me feeling like I’m floating on cloud 9. The warm taste really does sweep you from reality.


There are sweet little moments in life when you need to bite out of reality! For me on this groggy rainy day it was Krispy Kream doughnuts! The real treat is finally sinking my teeth into that warm soft sugar coated angel of a food and feeling nothing but pure euphoria. As I chew and enjoy this absolute masterpiece of a food I cannot but help to drown myself in some ice cold milk to help squeeze in every little bite.  A lot of people prefer coffee but for me milk hits the spot.


 It is nothing but a treat as I try to stop eating these heavenly halos sent from God himself, but I find myself reaching for another time after time. I rarely get to enjoy doughnuts so when i do i splurge and eat to many, but they must be glazed with no other toppings otherwise I am not interested! They turned my groggy, sad, rainy day into a day I will envy until next time. 🙂



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