Destination When Two Becomes One



When it comes to weddings there filled with only happy moments people laughing, smiling and congratulating the too newlyweds. The wedding reception was held in Pasco, Washington at the Stone Ridge Event Center for Brianna’s & Matthew’s big day. The venue was indoor & outdoor surrounded by grape vines it had an elegant touch made special for the couple big day.


IMG_0471_Fotor 11


Life is a journey that we have embarked on since birth trying to figure out who we are and what we hope to become one day. We all fall down and get up while pushing for a future we have no idea what it will be once we have arrive. The drive was not to long but, I took my time to arrive so that I could enjoy the nature.



Once you have found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with you just know. Emotions are very heighten when you also know the couple are perfect for each other. I’m so happy for you too and very excited to see what you do with your future and I know that you too will inspire each other throughout eternity. I’ve learned so much from the both of you and that I should have never worn a dress to your reception that looks orange, not a great color for anyone.


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