Just One Bite

What is the hardest part about looking at a menu? Deciding on what to eat because everything always sounds so yummy 


Normal I write about how to cook new foods but after tasting this at a Pacifico Restaurant I just had to share how good it is!


what is this delicious dish you ask?  

Paella Palomino

It is a seafood dish with saffron rice, shrimp, clams mussels, sea scallops, chorizo, lobster and lemon slices. These ingredients are sure to get your mouth-watering. Just one bite and this taste has you floating in the sky.

 I’ve never have had something like this that has taste so wonderful with each bite. Even when you’re full you find yourself still picking up your fork and trying to eat more.  

 There is one located in the united states and in the B.C. that i know of If you haven’t been to this restaurant you have to drive to their locations and try this dish! It will be worth the drive and hey it might just be the best thing you’ve ever tried in your life. 

check out this website to see all the amazing dishes they serve



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