Lost In My Own Adventure


Taking a week at a time to just go out and find a new place to explore brings ones soul much joy and excitement. I didn’t care If I was Looking at a dirty path or abandon building. Everything I gazed upon fascinated me I was in a aw of beauty of all objects. Curiosity builded inside of me I wanted to know what the buildings around me were and what was behind every door.  


We made our way up to Vancouver B.C… It’s funny being a Washington girl I’ve never been in another country even though I only lived roughly four hours away. It took me 21 years to finally go out the country. I know some Washington people don’t consider Canada out of the country because It’s so close but I think It was a good start to seeing other countries and especially for my first one.


Canadian money feels fake, It doesn’t wrinkle or crease.  They don’t have single dollar bills instead they have coins. It felt strange to hold a different countries money but I feel like It would feel the same way for some one in my shoes. 

I wish I could say we saw everything but the rain was pouring hard on us as we ran building to building trying to stay dry checking out the little shops that caught our eye here and there. Canada is a beautiful place I can’t explain It. The city is buzzing with people carrying umbrellas and rushing off to meetings. While the country seems so peaceful and all you see for miles is fields of deep green. I plan to travel right now while I’m young and see as many countries as I can. Filling my passport book up with stamps until I run out of pages. 


Thank so much for reading let me know the next place you desire to see by leaving a comment below.  


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