Everywhere you go is adventure you just don’t know it yet. I’m planning to travel in various of places this year keep up with me in this Travel portion of my blog. 


Nothing is better then embracing natures beauty and the smell of rain

This was a last minute trip we took to find the ocean we ended up in a place called Taholah in Washington. It rained the whole time while we were there beside for a short five minutes in the morning. We were fascinated by the fact that it kept getting later out but the sky was still bright. While running on the beach at 10pm finding crabs, sticks and seaweed pushed a shore. Once it got dark enough we try to keep the tradition of camping with making smore’s by having a piece of cardboard block the rain from the fire. It didn’t work out well but the rain didn’t stop us from having fun. Through the night we contuined to play card games while betting all our treats. The best part about it all was waking up to the view of the ocean at our feet. 



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